Coordinating the journey towards the “New normal”


Welcome back

Prepare to welcome back your team in the office. Ideas to start back up again with own team while reflecting on the lockdown period. What were the learnings on a personal, organizational and work level?

Resilient Leadership

A resilient leader is not the one who is able to maintain a high level of personal energy in difficult times. She/he is capable of protecting and sustaining the level of energy in her/his whole team. Learn how to energize you and your team.

Remote Leadership

Leaders play a key role in engaging and integrating their teams. What are the challenges of leading remotely? How can you be more successful even at a distance? Explore effective Communication, coordination, how to instigate team spirit and build trust while working remotely.

Performance & Continuous Feedback

Is it more difficult to support, and observe the performance of your team members? How about giving timely and specific feedback when they are out of sight? It is time to demonstrate your new capabilities and your renewed capacity to develop your team while maintaining an open communication and a focusing on your team’s engagement.

Dealing with Ambiguity and Crisis

Managing a crisis is not only to find immediate solutions, to make difficult decisions and to address the top priorities. It is also to look to the future, to envisage different scenarios and to anticipate the events. All while preparing people and the organization to face the new reality.

Trust is everything

In difficult times, trust is our most precious asset. A trust-based leader, is a leader who is able to confidently lead teams, who supports and reassures them emotionally while demonstrate coherence between what is said and what is done.

 We will RISE UP Together!