Friday, October 18, 2019

Key Themes / Personal Impact / Personal Impact Program
The Personal Impact Development Program is about developing your presence and ability to impact as much as you are able and willing to, i.e. working on how you show up,  how you connect with others and how you act (or fail to act) on the “business stage” as well as in your everyday life.

In today’s organization we are more and more expected to work, confront and achieve results with and through others. This suggests that our ability to generate results, to be recognized for it and feel self satisfied depends on how effective we are in sending our messages through.


We can do that by improving the way we impact on others and communicate our presence (and all that comes with it, e.g. competencies, experiences and skills), strengthening our ability to command other people’s attention to what we want to say though adapting our communication style to audience and circumstances.

Target Audience:

Leaders who want to deliver strong leadership in challenging times. It will give you the skills to galvanise your staff to reach targets, handle conflict and difficult conversations, deliver bad news and reinforce strategic direction.

Professionals who want to create a positive impact and a great first impression and put forward their views to colleagues or clients with confidence and conviction.

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