Sunday, September 15, 2019

Key Themes / Personal Impact / Executive Coaching
Synchronicity has developed and currently applies a coaching methodology, based on the principles of action learning, that assists the Coachees in the development of specific competencies and in the resolution of problematic situations. Each situation presented by the Coachee is analyzed, taking into consideration both the context in which the Coachee operates as well as the results the Coachee would like to see realized.

One-to-one coaching is one of the most effective ways for busy executives to develop personal impact. The impact we make is based on so many personal idiosyncrasies. So coaching is an excellent way to address the habits and beliefs that get in the way of creating the effect you want. Our approach achieves fast results and is effective and confidential. It’s ideal for senior managers, or executives who want more gravitas with their teams, peers, clients or stakeholders.

On the basis of these elements, behavioral techniques are practiced and sometimes role-played to allow the Coachee to prepare him/herself for the time when the situation will happen again, or to test new approaches to solve problematic situations.The development of Feedback Techniques is part of the Synchronicity methodology.

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An initial assessment phase of current impact is completed at the beginning of every coaching intervention through a variety of Personality tools and inventory (e.g. CAPP -Computer Assessment of  Personal Potential, MRG Personal Directions and/or different 360° feedback processes including MyReflections and/or MRG LEA).