Sunday, September 15, 2019

Key Themes / Leader / MRG Products

Synchronicity is a distributor of leading MRG assessments including LEA (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis) and PD (Personal Directions).

The LEA is a process of individual development designed to increase leaders’ effectiveness as a member of their organisation. Its purpose is to:
  • Define the leadership role in terms of 22 behavioural characteristics (sets)
  • Provide an individualised feedback profile on the approach leaders take
  • Identify the areas which need the greatest developmental emphasis
  • Provide a framework to create specific action plan to address these needs.

PD is designed  to aid in the structured exploration of an individual’s personal choices regarding life-balance issues, career planning, feelings of satisfaction and security, and opportunities for growth and development.

It provides feedback on 17 motivational factors, the investment of energy and emphasis individuals place in 18 life sectors, and an assessment of 9 quality of life dimensions.

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