Friday, October 18, 2019

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Can HR management influence the organization's performance or competitive advantage?

Do you currently have an HR measurement strategy?

Often considered a cost centre, Human Resources departments are now asked, by senior management, to identify and demonstrate their contribution to the organization.

Can HR management influence the organization's performance or competitive advantage?

To answer this question, the HR professional approach has been to rely on efficiency-based metric, through the implementation of strategic measurement tools. But, to measure HRs’ performance in relation to the organization's objectives, Key Performance Indicators should be correctly selected and specifically tailored to fit companies’ needs.

Synchronicity has the competencies and the experience to design tailor-made interventions which include:

1. “Vital HR KPIs” Workshop, to help HRs in settling the main important metrics and where participants will learn:

■ Which HR metrics are most important in the organization? How selecting them to align with strategic needs?

■ How can I analyze and benchmark?

■ How can I use the analysis for action planning, development/improvement, and problem-solving?



2. Consulting services to help you in re-defining your strategic HR KPI, analysing them and developing an action plan

What kind of data have your executives asked for and how are you meeting their  expectations?

Our workshop “Vital HR KPI” includes inputs on best and emerging practices.

We will present and debate with you various case studies and we expect you to share your own goals, experiences and insights into the use of appropriate metrics.

Synchronicity consulting methodologies are used and tested internationally. This allows us to lead your organisation’s performance improvement with a concrete and measurable support.