Friday, October 18, 2019

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HR as a Business Partner

The transformation of HR from a support function to a business partner has been identified by major global businesses as the main objective for HR Managers and professionals to consider as the next phase of the development of their role. This is the new expectation of Senior Executives and of main internal clients.

To create a business partnership implies that HR Managers and Professionals become the person with whom the Business Manager can discuss the issues of the organisation and plan the best way forward.

To make this happen, the HR Professional has to learn to suggest methods and solutions that aim for the optimisation of the human capital managed by their business manager.


Be part of our benchmarking Groups and Surveys to bring your organisation to a different level.

Benchmarking Groups and Surveys

Benchmarking is the process of identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices from organisations anywhere in the world to help your company improve its performance.

By using the comparison with the external market, benchmarking help to identify

the strengths and weaknesses of the current department practices, and to set the realistic goals for improvements and innovations.

We in Synchronicity assist our clients in finding out:

• Who does the business process really well and has processes that are adaptable to my organisation?

• What areas are causing the most troubles and therefore need improvement?

• What are the performance measures to determine the effect of our actions?

• Who is the organisation for me to benchmark with?

Define your KPIs and move your measurement strategy forward

HR Measurement

As HR becomes more “strategic” they must align their work to the business strategy so as to directly contribute to the needs of the business.

HR Measurement provide tangible, measurable evidence of this impact, and allows HR to validate their role to upper management while influencing profitability and business efficiency.For organisations who have moved beyond standard HR reporting, the performance of HR processes is based on the complex system of HR measures that can be powerful in showing areas where you should improve and better meet the needs of your company. That’s why, in measurement, some Key Performance Indicators are more important than others, depending on your organisation’s goals and strategy.