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Happiness at Work / Discover how..

If you are not concerned about Happiness at Work,

You should be!



Happiness at work is strongly correlated with productivity. And better health, longevity in a job, increased energy, motivation, confidence and recognition – just to name a few.  That’s why it matters not just for employees but for employers too.  Which is why we believe it’s a joint responsibility for everyone to focus on by understanding what it’s made up of, analyzing their specific situation, then building it for themselves.

The structure of happiness at work:

Achieving your potential lies at the heart of the model.

The 5Cs surround it:

Contribution – is about the effort you make and your perception of it.
Conviction – is about the motivation you have whatever your circumstances.
Culture – is about how well you feel you fit at work.
Commitment – is about the extent to which you are engaged with your work.
Confidence – is about the sense of belief you have in yourself and your job.
Pride, Trust and Recognition embrace the 5Cs and are quick indicators of what’s going on.


Ask Synchronicity to share with you own learning programmes and interventions related to Happiness at Work.

Synchronicity and its Allied Partner iOpener can assist you in measuring, increasing and developing Happiness in your workplace.
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