Friday, October 18, 2019



Synchronicity and its Allied Partner iOpener sponsor a study to measure the degree of Happiness at Work in Switzerland. Organizations and Individuals that will participate to the study will be invited to attend an event in Geneva on May 13 where the results of the study will be presented by Mr Castagnetta and Ms Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of the book Happiness at Work

What is it?


Happiness at work is a mindset which allows you to maximize performance and achieve your potential.  You do this by being mindful of the highs and lows when working alone or with others.

What  about the upsides of being happy?

People who are Happy at Work :

Get promoted faster
Earn more
Get more support
Generate better and more creative ideas
Achieve your goal faster
Interact better with colleagues and bosees
Receive superior reviews
Learn more
Achieve greater success
Are healthier




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